About Me

MOTIVE-ALLOY "Accelerate your Mass."
Greetings, Welcome to my portfolio page.
 You will find that I am a versatile, creative designer with extensive work experience in these subjects:

 Branding | Licensing | Packaging Design | Consumer Products | Product Development | Manufacturing | Forensic Research
 Graphic Design | Photography | Collateral Media | Web Design | Online Media Outreach | Web Sales

 I have been told I am a detail-oriented leader that is a self-starting thinker/doer, dedicated to making virtually any design challenge successful, as-well-as a knowledgeable, instinctive problem solver highly skilled at marrying customers’ needs to product appeal. Give me a challenge and I'll make it work.

What I’m great at

It is rewarding to create, and implement the life cycle for low volume/high value products from brainstorming straight through to the customer un-boxing experience.

Ideation to Creation

Adept in research, tech-packs, photo manipulation and retouching, packaging, instruction booklets, in-package documentation, digital assets, and online sales and launch support material.

Engineering to Manufacturing

Develop and coordinate print and production pipeline for both soft-goods (notions and costume apparel) and hard-goods (accoutrements and props) utilizing domestic and overseas manufacturing in low volume/high value licensed products.


• ADOBE CC Suite
• Rhino 3D
• Trello
• Box
• Zendesk
• Shopify
• MS Office Suite


Vendor relationship management - •••••
Concept development - •••••
Branding architecture - ••••
Employee training - ••••
Quality standards - ••••
Budget understanding - ••••
Strategic planning - •••
Social media management - •••


Sampling of projects I've brought to market in TV & Movie entertainment licensing, and consumer products.

Archer Jacket Product

Tech-Pack and Final Product

Official GHOSTBUSTERS™ Patch

Packaging design, Tech-Pack, Final Product, and Pre-Press

Ring Project

Illustration – 3D File – Wax Cast – Final Product

Shopify Website Sales Page

Composite Photos and Sales Copy editing

Product Sales Photography

Before & After - Photo-edited, Graphics, Typography 

Homepage Sales Graphic

Layout, Photo-edited, Graphics, Typography


Layout, Typography, Illustration,  Graphics, And Pre-Press

Baseball Cap Brim Sticker

Layout, Typography, Graphics, and Pre-Press

Assembly Instructions

Layout, Illustrations, Typography, and Graphics

Box and Packaging

Layout, Illustrations, Typography, Graphics, and Pre-Press

Letter for 50th Anniversary

Layout, Typography, Graphics, Copy Editing, and Pre-Press

Giclée Canvas Project

Image Up-sampling, Toning with Livery Overlay

ESP Cards

Layout, Illustration, Typography, and Pre-Press

Contact Me

I am located in Hutto Texas,
only a short commute to Austin.


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